Sunday, April 20, 2014

Home news: Volume 2 now on sale, and more

The second volume of Bitch In a Bonnet—collecting my gregarious gallop through Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion—is now available as a trade paperback from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble; other retailers will be added in the coming months. (And an e-book edition will debut in a few weeks, as well.)

If you pick up a copy, let me appeal to your generous natures and ask that you also leave a review on the Amazon or B&N listing page. It's absolutely gobsmacking how much of a difference those little blurbs from readers make in deciding which books go mega, and which go meh.

If you're a gambling kinda guy or gal, you can also enter for a chance to win a free copy courtesy of the fine folks at Goodreads; we're giving away ten, and you have till May 31st to throw your name into the hat. 

Thanks again for all your support over the past five years. I'm thinking of continuing the blog in some less structured manner; now that my survey of the official canon is concluded, I may dip into the unofficial one—the juvenilia and fragments, the works Austen either never prepared for publication or even finished. Or possibly turning my fiery gaze on some of the Austen TV and film adaptations. We'll see.

But in the meantime, I'll be taking a bit of time off, because yowza, am I ever tired.


  1. YESSSSSSS! I had no idea there were BOOKS! I was reading through the posts, laughing my fool head off... And now I'm gonna have them as a giveaway on my blog for my third Austen Takes the South book. (No, don't go look. You'll hate them.)
    Actually, I think I need a few copies of each. I am positive, right at this moment, my friend will all want to steal my copies and never give them back.

  2. Um, not to be greedy, but are there any signed copies available? Christmas is coming...

  3. Thanks for all the kind comments, Virginia -- greatly appreciated! Yes, of course I can get you signed copies. Email me at

    Thanks again, and I will definitely look up Austen Takes the South!

  4. I found vol. 1 by chance, looking for good Jane Austen commentary (and boy was it!). I've been checking religiously for the release of vol. 2, and I'm amazed I missed that it was out until now! Since I have the first one in the e-book version, I would like to get the second in that format as well, so I'm jumping on that as soon as it is released.

  5. Volume 2 will be available as an ebook soon, Atroskity... probably within the month. Thanks for the kind words, in the meantime...glad you enjoyed Volume 1!