Friday, June 12, 2015

Announcing: Jane Austen Team-Ups!

What would brusque, decisive Mr. Knightley make of chatty, epicene Mr. Tilney? Would Mary Bennet and Catherine Morland bond over their love of books, or despise each other’s taste? Would Aunt Norris and Mr. Collins meet in mutual obsequiousness, or clash over mutual ambition? Would Lucy Steele just flat-out eat Harriet Smith alive, then spit out the splintered bones?...These are among the questions that can be answered by our NEW Kickstarter reward level: For $225, you'll get signed copies of all my Austen books, PLUS your very own customized story (2,500 words+), featuring any two Austen characters you choose—and the story is yours to share, sell, or stash away, however you see fit. For more details, see our Edgar and Emma Kickstarter page.